Fire Alarm Systems

When you think of a fire alarm, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other objects come to mind right? All of these are included in the advancements, however, a couple things have been added. The introduction of the “addressable head”, a device to pinpoint the exact location of a possible fire. This doesn’t require a redo of the whole system, however, just new heads, wire, and new circuit cards. Many things can go easily wrong when it comes to putting in a fire alarm system if it doesn’t pass inspection.

fire alarm Normally a fire alarm is made up of the following things: Initiating devices, indicating appliances, a control panel, sealed batteries, auxiliary devices. Initiating devices include smoke and heat detectors, manually operated pull stations that are found in public places, ionization smoke detectors, and more. Indicating appliances include horns, strobe lights, chimes, and bells. A control panel, the eye of the system, is fed by the circuit wiring throughout.

This is where personnel can silence the alarm. Sealed batteries are batteries of 6 Volts, and are used to power the control panel. Auxiliary devices are packed with LED’s to show the state that the alarm system is in at that moment. All of these developments over the years continue to expand to better ensure the safety of the people subjected to fire in building of all types.